Sunday, February 5, 2012

Examo memenangi hadiah pertama di One District One Industry Showcase 2008

Enhancing inteligence, concentration with Examo.

"When it comes to brain, nothing compared to Examo-CKM 500" - Words that aptly describe the achievement of Examo-CKM 500 after 30 year in the market, it certainly has contributed to the enrichment and development of the minds of Malaysians.

Formulated by Prof Dr Azizan Ismail, the inaugural product of Era Edar Marketing Sdn. Bhd. (EEM), has won first prize under the health product category for One District One Industry Showcase 2008, organized by ministry of Entrepreneur and Co-operative Development and held at the Melaka International Trade Centre.

“This is the first time our product enters such a competition after considering the suggestion from Director of Mara Kedah, Ahmad Rakhli Hassan. We did not expect to win at all,” said the EEM general manager, Prof Dr Hamsiah Ismail.

EEM received a cash prize of RM5000 and certificate of participation. Dr Hamsiah said the winning was an acknowledgement of the quality of Exmo-CKM 500 and inspires EEM to increase production for betterment of the minds of Malaysians.

The product is made of minerals (BTS) and produced by EEM in their factory, Darulaman Homeopathic Laboratories (M) Sdn Bhd, the first Homeopathy in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Dr Hamsiah said Examo-CKM 500 helps to enrich mind, strengthens memory, enhances the ability to think, helps attain peace of mind, sharpens focus and encourages diligence and aspiration to learn.

Thus, it is suitable not only for student but also for young children, adults and old folks.

Examo-CKM 500 can help students overcome their typical problems such as forgetfulness, lack of focus, sluggishness, laziness, bored, tiredness, depression and hyperactivity.

“These problems are caused by the pressure of learning and facing tests and examinations. The stress can cause bigger problems for the students such as migraine."

“The same goes for those who are working. Work environment, job overload and issues concerning quality of work can cause stress and influence the quality of our work."

“Dedicated workers and students are always in state of balance in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Examo-CKM 500 should be consumed as a daily supplement as it reduces stress and fatigue and end enhance our mental energy,” she said.

According to Dr Hamsiah, nursing mothers and pregnant ladies should also consume Examo-CKM 500 as the product can supply nutrients required by their bodies and increase levels of blood to avoid anemia and fatigue.

She explained further, “Examo CKM 500 supplies calcium needed by pregnant ladies for the development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord."

“The consumption of Examo CKM-500 during pregnancy and nursing can help enhance the brain development of children as the growth peaks from the fifth until 20th week. After birth, a baby’s brain becomes active until about a year old."

“By the age of three, a child’s brain becomes more active and flexible. At this stage, a child needs more stimulation to hear, see, taste, smell and touch. Insufficient stimulation weakens and kills brain cells."

“At this stage, we can also identify any abnormalities in children which are caused by nerve problem such as slow in learning to talk, stutter, Down’s syndrome and meningitis.”

"Therefore, parents should be aware of their children’s development from pregnancy until their birth."

"The intake of Examo CKM 500 by mothers-to-be, nursing mothers and children can help enrich the brain development and increase mental capabilities."

"Old folk would also benefit from Examo-CKM 500 as it helps prevent mind-related problems such as dementia, paralysis, syndromes of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer, which always inflict the golden age."

“These problems arise because nerves in the brain can no longer function properly and die eventually. Apart from that, when we age, our brain functions decrease and weaken especially in the parts that stores information."

“Consumption of Examo-CKM 500 maintains the nerves that help store information in the brain. Examo-CKM 500 supplies a balance diet for the growth and development of our minds. Just like our bodies require food energy and health, Examo-CKM 500 is the sustenance for our minds.”

Dr Hamsiah said since Examo-CKM 500 entered the market in 1978, thousands of Malaysians have consumed and benefited from it. In fact, some have made Examo-Ckm 500 part of their family’s daily routine and passed it from generations to generations.

She also said, that the public not worry about using Examo-CKM 500 because it is not a drug, but a supplement made of minerals that supplies balanced nutrient required by humans. Thus, it does not have any side effects or poison, and does not caused addiction to its users.